Thursday, November 26, 2009


Giving thanks is an interesting concept. It's an intimate and vulnerable thing to do. To look someone in the eyes and actually say 'thank you.' Thank you for what you did, how you acted, what you gave me, how you sacrificed. Sometimes it's really hard to tell someone Thank You.

For me, it's always been particularly hard to say thank you. Not when it's polite, that's easy, I've got polite down, but when it's really important. When I really mean it, that's when I'm least likely to say it. Friends that have volunteered their lives to the protection of my freedoms, my parents for raising me and taking care of me all those years, my friends that stuck with me through all the tough times when I was a sarcastic jerk, the teachers that built into my life, my wife for, well, actually marrying me! These are among the people that are least likely to hear the words Thank You from me.

Why is that, why do we so often neglect the people in our lives that mean the most to us. What a wicked curse we are struck with. I would love to have the courage to say Thank You to each of you for the parts you have played in my life. And maybe, by the Grace of God, I will.


This Thanksgiving we are thankful for:
Alexander! Our son
The support, both prayer and financial, for the trip to Ghana
Jobs... however many we might have a year
Another successful year of Marriage
Friends, new and old
Provision beyond our expectations
...and so much more!

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