Thursday, March 17, 2011

men at work

 These pictures melt my heart. This is MY love language in action! My two favorite men doing dishes. Ah...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Whoops! The 17 month mark came and went and he'll be 18 months next week, so I guess this is a "just because" post. I'll fill it with pictures of Alexander and his current favorite things!

First, though, the big news in our little guy's life is that he got his first haircut this past Saturday! It was awful. It might just be on par with how terribly his first dentist appointment went. He hated it. Want proof?
Check out the unruly "before" hair
clinging onto Mama for dear life
Totally worn out from crying.

Is this pathetic or what?

And to top off the whole silly/totally traumatic experience, the container of blueberries that we brought along in hopes of it being a great distraction fell all over the floor and mixed in with the clippings of our baby boy's hair. It was ridiculous. And exhausting. And it's not even a good haircut (which is certainly not the stylist's fault!).

Side note/picture:
We took a weekend trip to Philadelphia with some friends in early February and, of course, took our picture in the famous "Love Park"
Okay, onto Alexander's current favorites:
scribbling on ANYTHING with ANY writing utensil

wreaking havoc on the kitchen floor
trying on shoes
vacuuming (or sweeping)
taking walks and just plain old being outside
and more sledding
playing guitar with Papa
playing the drum (I think this stemmed from his love of the book Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb)
Ryan Callahan. He talks about him when he's not here, he goes nuts when he sees a picture of Ryan, he just loves him!
pitching fits. This is a new thing and it's ridiculous.
another face of the fit.

There you have it. A glimpse into the busy life of Alexander Carlton Rezsnyak!

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