Friday, November 13, 2009

a small update

Hi all! Just wanted to give you an update from an e-mail that Scott sent today. I don't know much, but here's the very little bit I do know:

-their team made it to Kete Krachi today (the north end of the lake) after a 9 1/2 hour drive (and it's apparently only 180 miles!) and some terrible roads!

-he's having fun exchanging details of Ghanaian and American culture with Albright, one of the Ghanaian men who is leading them in the their travels and mission at the lake.

-they are going to be going to Volta Lake tomorrow to meet some of the children who are slave workers there and he doesn't know much more about what will be happening there

-he would like continued prayer that the trip will be fruitful and that God will move in the area

That's all I know - I'll keep updating when he does! Thanks for praying for him and the team.

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