Thursday, December 23, 2010

the big 1-5 (months, that is!)

For some reason I just haven't been able to find the motivation to do this post, but I must. Our faithful readers would be devastated if I waited any longer, I'm sure. Ha.

On Sunday, Alexander hit the 15 month mark. We don't have his next doctor appointment until mid-January, so again, no weight, height or head stats. You'll have to settle for our observations and cute pictures like this one:

this boy turns into a different person when you take his clothes off! Totally naked is his favorite, but has resulted in too many wet spots, if you know what I mean!

On with the post.

It's always difficult for me to look back at the month and try to remember what's new and different because life just kind of flows together. It seems like he's always been doing the things he's been doing, even if yesterday was the first time he did it. Does that make any sense?

So, language is still the big deal around here. He learns new words at a crazy pace and it's so awesome to watch/listen. Like "brush." The other day we were in the bathroom and he saw a brush and started saying "brush" and smoothing out his hair with his hand. When I gave him the brush, he did it to himself with that and then brushed my hair. And every time he sees a coffee mug, he says "coffee cup" in a way that would need to be interpreted, but it's definitely what he's saying. And when he sees steam, he says "hot." And on and on and on. And maybe these examples seem insignificant to other people, but man, we are so proud of him and that brain God has blessed him with!

There's no upward mobility yet, but for what it's worth, we are finding comfort in knowing that he is fully capable, he just doesn't want to. He gets around very efficiently and apparently sees no need to walk. So, we're just thankful that there's nothing physical stopping him from it. And from time to time we realize that life is going to be insanely different once he is solely walking. So we're enjoying this time now.

A few fun things that happened this month:

-We took a family trip 3+ hours east to visit our friends Dan & Diane (my college roommate & maid of honor!) and we had a great time! The visit was far too short, but it held me over until the next time we get to see them. Alexander even said "Diane" which was so cool!

Here they are looking into the oven, turning the light on and off. She was a GREAT playmate!

And Alexander and I went to a cookie swap this past Monday with a few girls (and some of their girls!) from our old church. Mmm. What a great idea! And a fun time, too!

We have no pictures to document the occasion, but we got to celebrate our friend Ryan's graduation from SUNY Oswego AND his birthday all on the same day! Here's a "throwback" picture of Ryan, Scott & Alexander from this past February. He's a great friend and we're so proud and excited for him to have that college degree!

And now for what you've all been waiting for:

Pointing to, not picking, his nose!

bathtime with his new Noah's Ark bath toy from Granny (the new "official" name for Scott's mom)!

looking, with wonder, at the Christmas tree. He's been pretty great so far about not touching it!

the mouse and keyboard, on the other hand, he'll grab whenever we turn our backs or forget to shut the door. It seems that his favorite mischief to cause is of the computer variety.

happy to start the process of bundling up for a trip outside. Boots and snowpants are from Lori, a co-worker of mine. They're a few sizes too big, but serve their purpose well!

Well, he WAS happy. Now we just have our own little "Ralphie" on our hands...

eating some of the snow that came in the house from our boots. Don't judge me!

a favorite pose in the highchair.

Ha ha ha! One of Lori's hats was WAY too small for this kid's noggin! Looks a little artsy, I'd say!

just a close-up.

another favorite mischief-causing spot. the Brita pitcher on the top right, that spout has been pulled a time or two. Whoops!

and more mischief. Ripping paper out of a notebook. And he doesn't look too sorry, does he?

sorry for the gross open-mouth shot, but he thought it was SO funny when he realized he could put his finger into the wagon wheel pasta and pick it up that way!

he loves to drink out of a real glass. He may love using a straw more, but I have no photo proof.

And finally, a picture of what happens when Mama's gone.
Papa stuffs a WAY too small apple hat from the LaFayette Apple Festival onto Alexander's head and calls him "a little Christmas apple elf." Poor boy.

Merry Christmas! We hope your celebration of the birth of our savior is a beautiful one!

The Rezsnyak 3.
(idea taken from the formerly Mangine 5 - now Mangine Many.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hooded towels

It's Stephanie. Again. Looking for recommendations. Again.

I'm on the hunt for a really great hooded towel for Alexander. I want something thick and absorbent and good quality.

Is there anybody that just LOVES their hooded towel for their kids? If so, where can I get one?