Saturday, July 7, 2012

Raspberry Picking

So we really had our hearts set on raspberry picking this morning at Hencle's Berry Patch in Baldwinsville. (We even decided to not go to the farmer's market to go) We knew it was supposed to rain, but we thought we could beat it. We didn't. By the time we got there, nearly 25 minutes away plus a stop off at the grocery store/ATM, it was definitely raining. 

As we sat there in the car trying to decide what to do Alexander made it very clear that he had every intention of raspberry picking right then. The rain let up just enough that it seemed reasonable. (Also, just in case you're wondering, we parked right next to berry patch and were able to safely leave Eliza in the car, we  were never more than twenty or so feet away.)

So we went for it! We started picking berries. It started raining harder and harder every second we were there. Which was fine. We decided that we would just get wet, as long as there is no thunder and lightning, we're OK. 


Sure enough, a flash of lightning and a peal of thunder.

So we were there all of maybe twelve minutes, but we still had a lot of fun!!
Scoping out the best bushes to pick!

Alexander ate more than he kept.

Oops! There's lightning! Time to go!!

Happy but very wet family!

This giant bucket makes it seem like we didn't pick any! It was actually a half pound, not bad for twelve minutes and a 2 1/2 year old that kept eating them all!

Alexander LOVES fresh picked raspberries!!

He just couldn't stop eating them!