Monday, October 12, 2009

Ghana Mission Trip - Update

Hello Friends and Family!

Thank you to all who were willing to support the trip to Ghana both financially and with your prayers. It's amazing to see the support! We are really blown away by the love of God shown through His people!

Other ways that you can support our trip, if you are interested, could include providing some of the following items:

-Ibuprofen (Adult and Children)
-Tylenol (Adult and Children)
-Aleve (Adult and Children)
-Preparation H
-Reading Glasses (magnifiers)
-Deflated soccer balls
-Air pump for balls
-Soccer cleats
-Children's story books
-School Supplies:
--Spiral notebooks
--Coloring books
-Jump ropes
-Flip flops (men, women and children sizes)
-Clothing (men, women and children sizes) - Please keep in mind that women wear long skirts, blouses and T-shirts. Men are smaller sized small or medium and wear pants, button down shirts and T-shirts. Children's warm weather clothing of all types.

All of these items are basic needs that we take for granted here in the States, but are precious commodities in Ghana. Providing a good soccer ball to a group of kids in a village in Ghana so they can play soccer is some of the best medicine* we can give them.

Some pictures of a new well!

The Brilliant Academy! A roof in a field. A more affordable school option. John Doe, the schools founder in the second picture.



Thank you all again for your support.

*not including actual medicine, of course!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Blood

Well, Alexander cut himself last night on the face with those little tiny razor blades we call finger nails. To be honest we're really surprised this doesn't happen more often, they're just so sharp. He sure let out a howl, howl, howl, howl! We didn't take a picture, thought that would be a little morbid. But he got over it pretty quickly. Poor little guy.

And don't forget to keep checking for new photos!