Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're baack!

Well, it's obviously been a long time since we've posted and the only reason is pure laziness. I know I've talked about it before, but it's having to decide which pictures to post that gets me. I REALLY hate sorting through the fuzzy pictures and the ones that look identical, but one is just slightly cuter than the other, etc. People have made suggestions on how to make that process easier and faster, but it's just too daunting and so, so low on my priority list. I can certainly always come up with something to write, but a post of mine without pictures? Who wants to read that?!

Here's a quick "what's up with us:"

-Scott is still a full-time student, full-time husband & father and recently added part-time employee to his resume!
-Stephanie is still a full-time worker, full-time wife & mother and is now 25 weeks along in her 2nd pregnancy!
-Alexander is still a full-time two year old boy and is beyond excited about having a new baby join the family soon!

Now, here are few photos!

Apple pickin' last September!

Going for a bike ride! With a break at the park.

One of Scott's best friends moved to Texas, he drove down with him. Right before he left he found this message.

 Coming SOON more pictures from last year's AppleFest, Halloween, Christmas, and MORE!