Monday, September 5, 2011

summer 2011 in pictures

We're back! It's been almost 3 months since we've updated this blog and our excuse is, again, that life has been busy. In April, I was promoted at work and with that came a switch from 20 hours a week to full-time.  In late June, we moved out of my parents house into an apartment in East Syracuse. Scott and I have each celebrated a birthday and our anniversary! There's been lots and lots going on and I think the best way to "catch up" is with pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Enjoy this photo journal of what our summer looked like:

Scott and Alexander starting the work on our soon-to-be totally awesome garden at my parents house in LaFayette

The boys taking in the sights and sounds of the Cazenovia Memorial Day parade that we enjoyed with the Merithews and Bluewolfs

Maddie and Alexander, playing around in the Merithew's yard

"relaxing" on the hammock

making pizza dough for our Friday night pizza

a quick stop at the beach in Long Lake on our visit with Grandma & Grandpa Rezsnyak

Grandpa Rezsnyak and a dead animal (fox, maybe?) that entertained for quite a while...

getting used to the potty

In Utica before the Boilermaker.
Have you ever seen a boy more excited to be sitting on a fire truck? Haha! 


Ho hum. Just waiting for the race to start...

Helping to make a batch of Strawberry Bread - the best recipe find of the year!!

What are you looking at, Nana?
On our beach vacation with Nana & Grandpa in Lewes, DE

helping Grandpa to finish up the last of his ice cream cake. Someone had to step in, you know? 

Beach time!

a few of the first veggies to be harvested from the garden shown at the beginning of these pictures

Alexander stopping at his favorite place in the zoo
(buttons you push that light up to reveal insects or something...)

Getting ready for the first at-home haircut (2nd haircut ever)

in the kitchen again, making fruit salad

cousin Brayden and Alexander checking out the sights of the neighborhood


finishing up Papa's milkshake

(notice the glove on his hand)

fun at the bounce place with the Merithews

It wasn't just the kids who had a good time...

Our first time finger painting. He sure loved it!

He ate an entire apple, almost all of the core, too - whoops!

enjoying a cold glass of milk after snarfing one of Mommy's birthday cupcakes
(Thanks, Mom!)

our FIRST round of ice cream at our annual Donnelly's visit near Saranac Lake for our anniversary

the 3 Musketeers