Wednesday, April 17, 2013

awkward questions

We took a quick family trip to an unnamed very large grocery store in Dewitt today (ha!). I was swiping my card to pay and I hear Alexander ask Scott "Is he a man?" And Scott, who must have been distracted by something else, wasn't answering so Alexander kept asking. I turned to look and Alexander was pointing to the FEMALE cashier asking over and over again if "he was a man!" Oh my goodness. I did the clenched-jaw-whispering-while-laughing thing to Scott asking him to please engage in another conversation with his son to spare us (and certainly the poor woman) from this terribly uncomfortable situation. If you've ever met our 3 year old you'll know that he's persistent, genuinely wants to know everything and is so bummed out if someone dismisses his inquiry, and this was no exception. After what felt like 3 hours, but was really only about 15 seconds, the final word I heard was Scott whispering to him that "we just shouldn't ask questions like that about people." How in the world were we supposed to handle that (other than the massive amounts of laughter I couldn't control because that's what I do in awkward moments!) Especially in this instance where, as Scott said to me under his breath on the way out of the store, it was "valid question!" Oye...

Speaking of uncomfortable...Eliza Jean doesn't look too excited about this reading gig. Ha ha ha!