Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy! Birthday!

Last year on this day I wrote a blog post that was less than celebratory as the twins turned one. As I hoped would happen, this year I'm ready to move on and look with wonder at the growth and the lives of my two favorite twins!

Irwin Nicholas. Curious, sneaky, hilarious, persistent, playful, and filled with an intense love of music. The changes in this kid from day to day are hard to believe. He has worked so, so hard to get where he is and his hard work is paying off handsomely!

William Gregory. Intense. That sums him up with everything he does. He loves, cries, eats, reads, screams, plays, and laughs with everything he's got.

Happy 2nd birthday to these two jokers that, no matter how cliche it sounds, make each day an adventure. I love you both so, so much and even when it's hard, feel so, so lucky to be your mom!