Sunday, June 29, 2014

twin shenanigans (a short story, in pictures)

They start off like this parallel to each other. (Will on the left, Irwin on the right)

And Will starts creeping his legs...

And creeping his legs...

And they end up like this...EVERY time!

And here's another angle, just because I thought it was funny, too!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

random picture post

Super special and hard to come by Papa and big kid reading time!

I love this picture of Will!

Sweet, sweet Irwin - getting bigger and stronger and more smiley every day!

The beauty of the family! When I look at this it just breathes "summer" to me!

Alexander and Frosty heading on an adventure!

  Today the kids and I were in the area after running an errand, so we stopped by Vanderkamp, the camp I went to as a kid and worked at as a counselor for 5 years or so. It had been a long time since I'd been back, so I was curious to see what the place looked like and to show the kids my old stomping grounds!

Vanderkamp Lake - this is one of my happy places, one of the most peaceful settings I can imagine.

checking out the wind "chimes" made out of kitchen utensils

the babies, very clearly enjoying the glimpse into Momma's past...

Cool dude running up and down the same road I used to - so fun for me to see!

She ate so much dirt today...

Staying classy with her upside down sunglasses, her preferred way to wear them

The crew!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(almost) summer days

the goofballs after playing in the rain!

the same goofballs up to their regular mischief in the entryway

sprinkler fun in the backyard!

the relatively clean before...

and the not-so-clean after!

Papa and the "big" kids tested the waters at Granny & Gramps house on Memorial Day!

And just because they're too cute not to have at least one picture of: 

Will & Irwin having some serious talk time