Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Left Behind

Right now my husband is flying high above the ocean making his way to Ghana and Alexander and I are here, "left behind" in Chittenango.

You might think I say that with sadness or maybe with a hint of anger or sarcasm, but no. I have a few thoughts.

Yes, Alexander is new to the world and to our family like many people have expressed concern about, but my son and I are here without Scott because he is a great man who is gone for a short time to do great things. Our baby boy is here safe in the arms of his mother while his father is spending time trying to figure out a way to help child slaves just be safe...somewhere.

I don't have much more to say, really. I just want to be as clear as I can that I am excited for this opportunity my husband has to be out in the world doing the work of the Lord.

I couldn't be more proud to be "left behind."


Becky said...

You are a strong woman Steph. I think I would have had a much harder time, and I would have certainly gone and stayed with my mom for the duration of his absence!

Anna said...

People were that concerned about it? Well, I know you will be fine. But, if you need anything Matt and I are here. Matt asked me if it was him leaving if I would be crying at the airport, ha ha. I sure would have been! Scott is doing a great thing for the people in Ghana. Can't wait to start seeing the work they are doing! Hope to see you Sunday!