Thursday, November 26, 2009


Giving thanks is an interesting concept. It's an intimate and vulnerable thing to do. To look someone in the eyes and actually say 'thank you.' Thank you for what you did, how you acted, what you gave me, how you sacrificed. Sometimes it's really hard to tell someone Thank You.

For me, it's always been particularly hard to say thank you. Not when it's polite, that's easy, I've got polite down, but when it's really important. When I really mean it, that's when I'm least likely to say it. Friends that have volunteered their lives to the protection of my freedoms, my parents for raising me and taking care of me all those years, my friends that stuck with me through all the tough times when I was a sarcastic jerk, the teachers that built into my life, my wife for, well, actually marrying me! These are among the people that are least likely to hear the words Thank You from me.

Why is that, why do we so often neglect the people in our lives that mean the most to us. What a wicked curse we are struck with. I would love to have the courage to say Thank You to each of you for the parts you have played in my life. And maybe, by the Grace of God, I will.


This Thanksgiving we are thankful for:
Alexander! Our son
The support, both prayer and financial, for the trip to Ghana
Jobs... however many we might have a year
Another successful year of Marriage
Friends, new and old
Provision beyond our expectations
...and so much more!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 months - ouch!

So today was the first pediatrician appointment that I've had to go to sans Scott. I suppose I should get to used to the feeling because he has a job now and won't be able to go to many, if any, appointments with us anymore.

This was also the first time I had to witness my son experience the pain of shots! (He had a couple things done to him at the hospital, but I couldn't see him or hear him when those happened.)

Today was Alexander's 2 month appointment, so he had 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine. I had been going nuts with nervousness for about a week straight because I was so worried that he would scream bloody murder and never forgive me for making him go through the pain! All morning I was trying to assure him that this was for his own good and that the pain is just temporary but will prevent lots more terrible things from happening to him...Alas, just like every mom who's done this before knows, he did scream a little (not quite bloody murder) and he seemed to quickly forgive me. As soon as I picked him up after the shots he quieted right down and slept the whole way home!

A few quick stats from the appointment:

-"height" (that's for you, husband): 23 inches
-head circumference: 40 1/2 centimeters
-weight: 11 pounds 14 ounces

This could be a potentially "bad mom" moment. I took this picture (notice my feet at the bottom right) just to show the poor little guys 3 bandaids on his legs. He obviously didn't think it was worth it...

Just a picture of our super happy 2 month baby boy! Man we love this kid!

Friday, November 13, 2009

a small update

Hi all! Just wanted to give you an update from an e-mail that Scott sent today. I don't know much, but here's the very little bit I do know:

-their team made it to Kete Krachi today (the north end of the lake) after a 9 1/2 hour drive (and it's apparently only 180 miles!) and some terrible roads!

-he's having fun exchanging details of Ghanaian and American culture with Albright, one of the Ghanaian men who is leading them in the their travels and mission at the lake.

-they are going to be going to Volta Lake tomorrow to meet some of the children who are slave workers there and he doesn't know much more about what will be happening there

-he would like continued prayer that the trip will be fruitful and that God will move in the area

That's all I know - I'll keep updating when he does! Thanks for praying for him and the team.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Left Behind

Right now my husband is flying high above the ocean making his way to Ghana and Alexander and I are here, "left behind" in Chittenango.

You might think I say that with sadness or maybe with a hint of anger or sarcasm, but no. I have a few thoughts.

Yes, Alexander is new to the world and to our family like many people have expressed concern about, but my son and I are here without Scott because he is a great man who is gone for a short time to do great things. Our baby boy is here safe in the arms of his mother while his father is spending time trying to figure out a way to help child slaves just be safe...somewhere.

I don't have much more to say, really. I just want to be as clear as I can that I am excited for this opportunity my husband has to be out in the world doing the work of the Lord.

I couldn't be more proud to be "left behind."

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ghana Mission Trip - Blog

If you are interested in keeping up with what's going on with our trip to Ghana, there will be a few people on the trip that will have internet access and will be updating a blog, I think daily. Please visit