Friday, February 20, 2009

a quick thought

Hi all,
It's Stephanie. I don't have anything crazy to share, or even anything really interesting or exciting, but I wanted to make it known to "the world" (the 5 or 6 people that read this occasionally) that I am REALLY, REALLY excited about having a baby. I look at other people's pictures and blogs (mainly the Mangine's) and get totally and completely filled with wonder at what our child is going to be like. Is he/she going to be a total maniac and talk and laugh really loudly all the time because that's what we do? Or will it be completely appalled by our actions and voices and want to retreat to being a normal, gentle little person? Are we going to be able to genuinely say we think our kid is the cutest kid ever or will we have to lie through our teeth until we've convinced ourselves that they might actually be cute? Is our kid going to proactively make a positive impact on the world? Will we create a loving, fun family environment that he/she will be proud to bring their significant other into when the time comes?

Gosh, there's tons of things that run through my mind all the time. Not worries, just wonders. I can't wait to meet this thing!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Just In!

A Bun in the OVEN! Yes, just in case you haven't heard. The Rezsnyaks are going to have a baby. We're still REALLY early in the pregnancy, but it's just too exciting to not tell everyone!

We went to the OB/GYN the other day to have a sonogram done, which was bitter-sweet. You see, we saw an image of our child, which was amazing! (OH MY GOSH!! I'm a dad...)

But, we also found out that the earlier estimates of how far along the baby is was off by about two and a half weeks. We thought we were well into our tenth week! (Morning sickness almost done!) But instead we are seven weeks three days. Oh, and no twins, which we would love.

Ultimately we know that God's timing is best, and we are both really excited to have a baby, either way, obviously.

So instead of sharing Grandma Amidon's birthday, he or she will share a birthday with Uncle Andy or maybe Auntie Alexis!

So, apparently, our child looks a little something like this... I think she has her mother's eyes, wouldn't you say?