Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a picture post

I think it's time for me to realize that this blog is mostly going to contain outdated pictures and minimal words. Starting now:

Scott with Alexander and cousin Brayden at the NMOP
(it's what the cool kids dub the National Museum of Play)

"Hey Greg, we'd like some stairs put in before winter. Can you help us with that?"
"Sure thing. Here you go!"

*Scott's step-dad, Greg, has never built stairs before and these bad boys were in and ready to go in just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. We are so blessed by talent and generosity on ALL sides of our family!

the supervisors!

I freaked out when Alexander came out of his bedroom about a half an hour after putting him to bed. These spots were ALL over him. Don't worry - he is disease free. It was simply the work of a bathtub marker...

This isn't the best representation of it, but I wanted to make a point to say that Eliza thinks there is nothing better than her big brother. I can't wait to see the relationship they'll develop!

Story time with Papa
(reading King Arthur's Very Great Grandson - it's a cute one!)

At Matt & Anna's house - first time in a (whatever you call these things). Her feet didn't quite make it to the platform which might explain the lack of enthusiasm?

Alexander pretending he has a backache, just like Papa. (Don't worry, the heating pad isn't plugged in!)

Have you ever seen a cooler kid? Ha ha ha ha ha!!! This'll probably go in his high school yearbook someday. 

At the Sciencenter in Ithaca. He really loved this skateboarding skeleton.
He pushed the button over and over and over to make him go!

Family band.

Not many exhibits for a then 5 month old to check out...sorry, Eliza!

about to conquer the world!
Obligatory baby-with-food-on-their-face picture!
Obligatory take-a-picture-of-your-other-child-eating-because-you-took-one-of-the-baby picture!

Helping me take the meat off of a rotisserie chicken. He dug right in  - it was awesome.
This kid is going to be a wonder in the kitchen, I just know it!

Aunt Lexi - this is the t-shirt we made at Brayden's birthday party. He gives it a thumbs up!