Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunflower Saturday in Skaneateles

With Scott's work schedule it's been tough to find time to have experiences and make memories with the whole family, but this Saturday we tried to make the most of the day. We heard about a farm in Skaneateles where you can cut your own sunflowers and thought it was a sweet idea, so off we went! They're primarily a lavender farm, which Scott and I both love, so I'm sure we'll be stopping by another day. It was a really, really cute little place. 

A path of shepherd hooks led the way to the field


Where's Waldo Alexander?

Kid #1
Kid # 2

Kid #3
Kid #4

I couldn't believe how HUGE this one was!

Sweet picture of Papa and his girl

After the sunflower picking we grabbed some lunchy things at the Tops in town, packed everyone in strollers and just walked around the town and hung out by the lake. We didn't get any great pictures of the rest of the day, but these last two are in the little memorial park we sat in for a while. When we finished up here, we grabbed a few cookies at a bakery (well, the kids and Scott had cookies and I had a GIGANTIC carrot cupcake! Yeah, about that sugar free thing...) and drove an extra long and scenic view home.

Such a great day with our beautiful little family!