Thursday, May 20, 2010

a jam-packed miscellaneous post

(Stephanie again!)

Hi all,
First off, thank you so much for all of your awesome advice on pinching pennies - we really appreciate it! I have to clarify that I did cancel my Facebook page several weeks ago, but this blog is linked to Scott's "FB" account so it shows up there. I read your comments when they come through to our e-mail. Thanks again for taking the time to help us out!

Okay, so Alexander turned 8 MONTHS OLD (almost 2 weeks ago...) and here's a quick update:

We haven't had another appointment since the weight check on May 4th, but we should be having a 9 month appointment in a month or so.

-sunlight and the shadows that are created by it.
He loves watching light move around the room and seems to try to figure out the source of the light spot. It's so awesome watching him think and try to piece things together.


He is such a great eater!

-his piggy bank
It makes him laugh every time he sees it!

I'm completely convinced that he is going to walk before he crawls. He shows no interest in crawling whatsoever, but once you put this boy on his feet in any way, you can't stop him!

-the vacuum
Alexander has a really bizarre and seemingly debilitating fear of the vacuum. It used to be in our bedroom where he could see it when he was in the doorway jumper and he would take jumping breaks to stare it down. I moved it to our "dining room" the other day to see if he would be as scared of it in a different location and sure enough, he clings to us when he sees it. He even still does a complete scan of our bedroom looking for it. So, if you come over, you'll know why the floors are dirty...(I'm working on an excuse for the dishes and laundry, too!)

-when his parents have "bad parent" moments that cause him pain
Weird that he dislikes this, I know, but here's the story...
Scott was first (phew!) with accidentally incurring physical harm. 90% of the time, Alexander does not tip over or backwards when he's sitting, but he was sitting up on the kitchen floor and there was no "just in case" pillow behind him and WHAM! From what I hear (I was at work), he snuggled up with his Papa and did one of those terribly sad cries that makes you never want to let him go!

And on his 8 monthiversary of all days, I pinch his poor tiny pointer finger in the buckle on the high chair. I had done it to myself a few weeks ago and knew that it hurt so, so bad and I have been very careful to keep Alexander's hands away, but he's so quick and snuck his left hand in there before I realized it. It even broke skin! I picked him up immediately and the same scenario happened with the scream and snuggle. Our poor little man!

And here's what our friend Gwenn would call a "photo barf" of things that have been going on in our lives:

Scott flying a kite at his Mom & Greg's house

all bundled up for the snowy weather (on Mother's Day!!)

our first loaf of homemade bread!

Alexander's first Hanes socks. Oh boy are they cute!

Is this kid cool, or what?

Happy 8 monthiversary to me!

Hanging out on a hot day.

My very first attempt at something creative in Alexander's room!

Even though he isn't flashing a smile right here, Alexander LOVES to "brush" his "teeth!"

So happy to be celebrating Great Grandpa Irwin's 80th birthday!

enjoying the sunset on Oneida Lake at Grandma & Grandpa Borek's where we had a GREAT time camping on Memorial Day weekend!

You'll have to look closely, but this is a picture of Alexander laying back in the stroller with his feet up and his finger up in the air as if he's calling a waiter over. What a goof!

Papa and his boy wading in the chilly morning water

My two favorite men taking a nap in the tent. Ah...I love my family!

Alexander in the pack and play while we take down the tent and clean up our "campsite!"

The end!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Stephanie here.

I'm looking for suggestions in this post.

For lots of different reasons, Scott and I need to save money. Anyone that knows us knows that we are spontaneous with our spending. Well, we need to make a dramatic change to be wise with our resources and we need to do it pretty immediately!

What I'm hoping to get from this is different ideas on how people scrimp and save and make the most of their income and to hopefully gain some thought on how we can do the same. So take a second and send your suggestions this way!

*And just because no Family Rezsnyak blog post is complete without a picture of Alexander, here is just that:

"Forget sippy cups - give me a glass that I can fit my head in!"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

we've gained, folks!

Quick update from Alexander's "weight check" appointment today:

head circumference: 46 cm (85th percentile)
height: 26.5 in. (20th percentile)
weight: 17.4 pounds (19th percentile) - that's a 3 pound gain in just over a month!

The doctor said he looks great and that he's growing at a good rate now. She said we could add another "solid" meal to the mix in a few weeks, making it 3 a day. I'm having tons of fun feeding him a huge variety of foods. It is so cool to watch him experience new tastes and textures!

That's about all I've got for now. I'll leave you with a picture:

This is the "apples & chicken" dinner and boy did he LOVE it! He ate the whole jar in one sitting, which I think is the first time he's done that. Mmm!