Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is the day that we as a country spend time with our families and friends and consider the special blessings that God has put in our lives.

Well we wanted to take a moment from our very hectic morning to share some of ours with you in no particular order:
-Foot Rubs (Regardless of the motivation)
-Great Family relationships
-Spouses (I mean really nothing better than being married)
-Employment (even if goes unappreciated most of the time)
-A super awesome Church family
-Friends that stick (Even if they move hundreds, even thousands of miles away, which they will, of course)
-Those silly moments that just make you laugh and laugh
-Long slow mornings
-Babies (no, not yet!)

Well, that's just a few, Happy Thanksgiving!
Love Scott and Stephanie


Sergeant Uriel Ventris said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, too. We really appreciate having a great couple of friends like the Rezsnyaks in our lives.

Bugaj said...

I am thankful that someone actually looks at my stupid pictures.