Sunday, May 19, 2013

kid pics

flying the Medi-Vac helicopter at Big Rig Day!
working some controls in the back
Ha ha ha!! This'll probably go in his senior yearbook someday.
...and then there's this girl at Big Rig Day. Again, ha ha ha!!

sorry for blurry picture, but I wanted to show one of their favorite brother/sister activites: crawling up on our bed any chance they can
and hootin' and hollerin' out the window. I love it.

proudly displaying the hands of boyhood after playing with the ashes in our backyard fireplace (don't judge me! ha.)

and proudly displaying the hands of a future chocoholic. Sorry, buddy. It's Mommy's fault!
ugh, she just melts my heart.
Eliza is in LOVE with the vacuum cleaner. She can't even control herself when I bring it out!
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