Tuesday, December 3, 2013

twin updates

It's been about 6 months since we last wrote on this blog. Whoops! It obviously didn't make it into our list of priorities. I figure that enough people might want the occasional update on how our newest additions are doing, so I'm bringing this place back to life.

Someday I'll come back and write a quick story of their quick birth, but here's the latest with our littlest:

William - he's currently at 4.0 liters per minute on the Vapotherm (to help him breathe), not under any UVB lights, very puffy because of all of the IV fluids, and taking about 5ml of breast milk with a feeding tube (all other nutrition comes from an IV concoction).

Irwin - he's had some set backs today. He's back on the Vapotherm. The level was at 3.0 liters per minute when I got to the hospital today, but while I was there it was increased to 5.0 because he was having a few too many apnea "episodes," meaning that he was forgetting to breathe. His blood sugar was apparently high, too. Because of these issues, they did a workup on him earlier in the day and drew blood to send to the lab to check for infection. The initial lab report came back okay, so they didn't start him on antibiotics, but the blood will be checked each day for 5 days. If something starts growing, they will start treating with antibiotics.

I wasn't able to hold Irwin today because he had such a stressful day for his tiny little self that they wanted to let him rest. So that makes two days of not holding my own newborn child. I did get some time with Will, though, which was so nice.

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