Thursday, May 2, 2013

just because it's been awhile...take 2.

Alexander is becoming a man! He's no longer afraid of the sounds of power tools and is even eager to help Gramps work on projects just about every weekend!

I have no good explanation...

Am I creative or what?! Ha. 

Eliza and Luke (my best friend Diane's son). She hasn't grasped the concept of modesty yet! 

Diane, teaching a great motion song to Alexander first thing in the morning. 

He's available to shoot weddings, newborns, family reunions, whatever your needs!

Eliza's journey over this table didn't end well for her. She had fun on the way up, though!

Our very first "on top of a fake animal" picture from zoo. Again, Alexander's becoming a man. He never used to let us put him up on these things. Maybe Eliza helps him feel courageous?

All this girl wants to do is stand up and explore! 

Why do all children love to do this?! 

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