Thursday, August 19, 2010

11 months old!

Hi folks - Stephanie here. Sorry to all of the faithful followers that this post is a few days late!

It's been an exciting month in the lives of the Rezsnyak family! Here's a recap of some of the events:

-we officially moved into my parents house
-Scott presented a 100% original, totally kick-butt speech at the Primerica event in July (people were even coming up to him to get quotes from it!)
-we celebrated the marriage of one of my best friends from high school (Megan) and the man of her dreams (Loren) and it was awesome! They are so, so in love...
-we visited Matt & Martina in Alaska!
-we've done lots of visiting with friends and family around here, too, including the Rezsnyak family reunion and a 75th birthday celebration for Grandma Williamson!

As for Alexander, the man of the hour, he's doing great! He's had a top tooth coming in for a while now which may have exacerbated the jet lag problem when we got home from AK (which really was QUITE a problem...).

Still no appointment until September 22nd to give weight/height info, but he sure looks happy and healthy and handsome.

Foods he really likes:
blueberries, whole wheat Ritz crackers with cream cheese, yogurt, the "squash and zucchini" jar of baby food, any kind of bean he's tried and tons more that I can't think of!

Things he really likes:
our small green flashlight, kitchen utensils, spaces he can crawl into, playing the piano with his fingers or toes, being outside, laughing when other people are laughing

Man, he's great!

And now for what you've all been waiting for...PICTURES!

I've posted just a "few" of the nearly 1,000 pictures from the Alaska trip, but if you click the "Family Photo" link on the sidebar to the right, you can see all of them if you're interested.

even on an airplane, Alexander knows that it's important to buckle up for safety!

He also knows it's important for a baby to SLEEP on an airplane...

What else would you expect Alexander to be doing on his first morning in Alaska if you didn't expect him to be jousting with a foam sword while wearing a sombrero?

Grr...bring on the bears!

having fun with Martina at the Anchorage Museum!

Whoa - great catch Scott!!

"A sip of refreshing glacier water? Don't mind if I do!"

This moose and her 2 babies were so, SO close to our car. I kept rolling my window up and down thinking they were going to eat me! (dramatic? yes.)

THIS is what I imagined Alaska to be like. The snow covered mountains got me every time! B.E.A. utiful.

Family portrait.

I guess the 9.5 mile hike wore the little man right out! At least he's comfortable, right?...(ha!)

Check out this panoramic shot. Totally crazy. In LOTS of ways!

Well, he could be considered "carry-on" and this is where carry-on luggage goes, right?

The flight attendant gave him a bottle of single malt whiskey (unopened) to put him to sleep. And we thought it was REALLY funny! (so did the kid across the aisle. Scott & I think he probably put the picture that he took up on fail blog as a parenting fail...)

And here are a few non-Alaska related photos.
*Confession - some of them are from a few days after his 11 monthiversary.

ignore the fact that there is something screwy with the color and be amazed at the piano man before you!

bath time fun pre-shampoo...
bath time fun post-shampoo!
Good morning world! I want to shout it on the mountain tops that I'm 11 months old today!
A new favorite thing to do - crawl into spaces that look like I would fit! This t.v. stand fit the bill.
Really enjoying my first taste of zucchini bread (thanks Heidi - it was SO delicious!)
this box is another favorite hide out.
taking a boat ride at the Pittman's camp on Tully Lake. This was pretty much Alexander's face the whole time. He didn't seem to know what to think.

Thanks for reading and caring about our family. We'll be back in less than a month to celebrate Alexander's 1st birthday!!

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Kristeen said...

I'm a little sad I didn't think of the term "monthiversary" first... very cute!

And that picture of the mountains with the flowers in the foreground... I just want to print it out and hang it on my wall. SO so beautiful!