Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a fun-filled four days!

So, from now on, I'm going to stop with the "Stephanie here" line at the beginning and I'm going to go ahead and assume that most people know it's me by now. If you know either of us well, you'll probably be able to tell within a few words who's writing! It's me (Stephanie) most of the time, anyway. On to the post!

We, the Rezsnyak 3, just had a great weekend! The fun started Friday afternoon when Scott got home from work and we headed straight for Beak & Skiff Apple Farm for Alexander's 1st apple picking adventure! Here are some pictures:

the fun starts with the wagon ride to the orchard!

A mom and her boy sharing a Paula Red!

a totally natural picture of Alexander sitting on the ladder he obviously climbed up.

Pick a good one, boys!

It looks like he found one!

This kid could not get enough apple! He LOVED chomping on them.

We even got to "drive" the tractor!

Just me and a John Deere...

Then on Saturday, Scott and I took off for an overnight camping excursion in Forestport where his mom and step-dad have some great land! We left Alexander with Nana and Gramps because he had a nasty head cold.

Oh, and one of the major highlights of the trip: a 2 hour plus drive from Forestport to Saranac Lake simply to enjoy a "two-tone cone" from the "world famous" Donnelly's ice cream stand that we first tasted on our honeymoon almost 3 years ago (tomorrow)!

the creation of the two-tone cone!

the complete and total enjoyment of the two-tone cone!

fireworks at Forestport pond on Saturday night. Interesting town.

a beautiful Sunday morning at our campsite!

And finally, Monday. Scott had to take a mandatory furlough day, so we went to the fair in the morning:

this is just about the only picture I took. He sure is having a blast...haha!

And we celebrated my birthday that night with Scotcharoos! Mmm...

Alexander was fascinated with the flame on the candles and was SO stinkin' cute when he puffed his cheeks to blow them out after watching me do it!

Fun weekend, right?!

On a side note:
Does anyone know of any great free or wildly inexpensive things to do with an almost 1 year old in the Syracuse area? We are (I am!) looking to get out more during the day, but don't want to spend money, especially when he can't do the "big kid" stuff yet. Any suggestions are welcome!

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