Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 months

Stephanie again.

As of yesterday, we are the (still) proud parents of a 10 month old child - how crazy!

There are no weight/height stats because he doesn't have another doctor appointment until his 1 year, but he's getting bigger and looks healthy.

What he's been up to this month:

-throwing tiny temper tantrums when he doesn't want to get changed
-possibly popping another tooth through (he's been really "off" the last couple of days)
-trying lots of new foods
-swimming for the first time
-traveling to visit Uncle Keith (all of those pictures are on Nana's camera...)
-helping us pack and move
-snorting and roaring like a lion (or bear?)

A couple of other notes:
-As of 10:00 last night, I AM A STAY-AT-HOME MOTHER!!
-We are going to Alaska in 5 days!!

Here are a bunch of pictures. ENJOY!

like I said, he's "helping" us move
at a rest stop on the way to see Uncle Keith and his new house in Virginia
so happy
I'm assuming he's eating something he found on the floor...?
ah...refreshing water!
snuggling up with a pair of shorts he pulled out of the laundry hamper through his crib slats
proclaiming his love for the cheese he's eating!
Grr...(Uh-oh! I think we might have a bully on our hands!)
What? I'm just naked with a bib on and playing with Papa's camera stand...
the birthiversary boy!
one of his favorite activities - getting just close enough to the shoe pile to see if we'll say "no" (which we always do, and he actually listens!)

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