Tuesday, July 13, 2010

got muscle?

If you do, we need you!

This Saturday, July 17th, we will be making our 2nd to last move (hopefully EVER!). We're going to rent a moving truck for the heavy stuff like the couch, hutch, desks, etc. and we could really use some help if you're available. It should just be one trip from Chittenango to LaFayette.

We'll be getting started around 10 a.m. and if you let us know that you plan on coming, we'll have lunch and drinks for everyone after (we'd even take requests!).

Thanks again for being patient with us. We'll be sure to invite you all to our house warming party when we complete our FINAL MOVE next year!

Hope to hear from you and to see you Saturday!


Kim said...

Sorry, we're going to be away this weekend! We've been glad to help you guys move before and we're sorry to miss it.

MmBex said...

my word. this makes...6? Wish I could be there anyway!