Monday, October 27, 2008

What's the Deal?

I heard on the news the other day that the big newspaper in Chicago is endorsing, for the first time in the 100+ years of the history of the paper, a democratic candidate. Not too surprising, it's Barack's home city. Whatever, right? But this got me thinking: How in the world does a newspaper (not that anyone is reading you anyway) justify endorsing anyone, seriously, this seems like a major conflict of interests. If the Chicago Tribune, or any other news source, really wants Obambam or McChin to win, how can we trust their reporting. Plus it could really wind up biting them in the end. I remember the story of a small paper in Texas that endorsed Kerry in '04, it was shut-down-closed-for-business within a matter of hours, literally. So I just don't get it. I hear by rescind all subscriptions to any publications that officially endorse any candidates.

Also, what's so candid about a candidate anyway, I mean, EVERYTHING they say is scripted.

Oh, and don't think you have me figured out just quite yet, I don't really like McCain either, they're both a couple of jerks if you ask me.

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Becky said...

But you have to agree, either one would be better than our current president! No?

Jacob said...

Now this is what I love to read! Scott going all mad and ranty (yes I'm using it as a verb) on politics! I love it!

Erin said...

I agree with Becky -- but Sarah Palin scares me!

MmBex said...

Sometimes there are really funny faces that they are caught making that end up in National Enquirer and stuff. That's pretty candid.

MmBex said...

Jerk... jerk, huh? Is that what you call a Vietnam vet who was forced to eject from his plane over enemy lines, knocking him unconcious, breaking both his arms and his leg. Oh yeah, then he was imprisoned, beaten, refused medical treatment, and held in solitary confinement in a POW camp. What a jerk!

(By the way this is the Bex with a Y chromosome... you'll have to forgive me, I'm new at this blog thing). Love ya bro!