Sunday, October 19, 2008

A New Turn

This is our new blog... for those of you who might read such things. I hope this will be, like everyone else's blog, a place where we can share updates, thoughts and photographs and other fun stuff with everyone. I hope you enjoy, I also hope that Stephanie and I will be motivated to post often.

Thanks for reading!
The Rezsnyaks.


Nick Mangine said...

So does this mean that the Pezsnyak blog is dead?

srezsnyak said...

I think so... it might just be time to let old dogs lie, and there's a time when the boys have to be men. Also, I didn't really remember that you have your blog...nice.

Becky said...

Hey S's! Love that your blogging!! Reading/writing blogs makes me feel less isolated during the day while I'm home with Colin (you just said Colon in your head didn't you Scott!?!). So you should post everyday! Although I don't so I guess I can't expect you too.