Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you like television?

So, I've always wanted to get a personalized license plate, one that read REZSNYAK or even PEZSNYAK. I think it would be a lot of fun. But, because I live in NY and everything here costs a bo-gillion dollars, my wife says that "it's a waste of money." Ultimately I have to concede that she is right. So at least for some time I will not be getting a personalized license plate.

So... this leaves me always looking at other's plates to see if they have one, and if so, to see what kind of clever "plate language" they use to fit an entire sentence into eight capital letters (it's a lot like texting) and then try to figure out what it means. So the other day I was headed to work and I saw this guy with the most ridiculous plate I have ever seen. You know how its usually something like ILUVMOM or NOWIFE (I actually saw that one the other day too, funny). Well this guy's plate said IWATCHTV, really? IWATCHTV? That's the best you could come up with? So, you don't just like wasting your money on stupid license plates, but apparently you like wasting your time also, great.

That's all I got!
Love Scott.

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Becky said...

Sean got me 'vanity' plates from Christmas one year. They only lasted about two years because I got rid of the car and have yet to get another but they are still on hold for me in watertown. It said
I3ECKY actually I think it said 13ECKY because the I didn't work out. The bad part, people always felt the need to show they could read it and would call out my name when I got out of the car.. But it was fun to see people trying to figure it out in the rear view mirror. All of a sudden they would smile and nod.
The best one I ever saw was :
FR8TRAIN it was on one of the huge suburbans.