Sunday, May 29, 2011

just pictures

I haven't written any blog posts in a while because life has been sucking the energy right out of me. I work at a computer for 40 hours a week (I've been back to full time for about 2 months now - a story for another time) and the thought of sitting down at another computer to do the whole uploading pictures thing and attempting to come up with something that might be even slightly interesting to say is REALLY unappealing. So I just don't do it. But I want to change that because I like to think that there are some people in parts of the world who don't get to see Alexander on a regular basis and who might appreciate small glimpses into his life. So my new plan is: unless I have something particular captivating to say, I'm going to do posts that consist of "just pictures." Starting....


This and the following picture are the result of sorting through/putting away winter accessories.
A goofball. Such a goofball.

Our fashionista son, modeling Mommy's winter scarf

I love this! Check out the baking powder footprints. He had fun making his mark throughout the house after he dumped almost an entire cannister of baking powder on the kitchen floor.

playing in the water after giving the plants a drink

I'll try to be back soon!

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