Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bedtime Bottle Blues

There's no doubting that parents of very young children can't help but compare their own to others'. It's just the way it goes. As hard as we try not to, we see the little boy 'X' or girl 'Z' doing something that our own child cannot do and we, at least a small part of us, if we are honest with ourselves, think "wait, my kid can't do that! Is there something wrong with him!!"

The fact that your friend's kid, who might even be a month or two younger, already knows the entire alphabet, or every color of the rainbow will, regardless of how advanced our own children are in other areas, make a jealous insecurity rear its ugly head, even if it's just a tiny bit and only for a second.

Lately we have been discussing how long Alexander should be taking a bottle. We heard about other children that were about his age that had given them up months ago, or that they were just trying to "kick that last one before bed." And every time we heard things like this Stephanie and I thought "man, should he not be on a bottle anymore?" And honestly we like our bedtime bottle time, before naps and when he goes down for the night, it relaxing for both us and him. So I asked around and got varying responses. Most of which was advice that we were trying to take anyway: Don't worry about it. But at Alexander's last well-child visit Stephanie thought to ask the doctor. She said that we should probably move to that end soon and that he wouldn't just give it up on his own (something we were kind of banking on).

Then Alexander got a cold. A really runny nose cold, so bad he couldn't breathe though his nose at all. Blessing in disguise. You see, about a week ago, or so, maybe longer, we snuggled up to give him his bedtime bottle and he said "No?" and pushed it away.. And I said, "NO? Are you sure?" and tried again, no it was. And he hasn't takes a bottle since, we even tried a couple of times since then, and he's just no longer interested.

We feel very happy and blessed that it wasn't a struggle to try to convince him not to want it! And it's just another sign that he's growing up, which is good (I have to keep reminding myself of that).

So, you can see why Stephanie usually writes these things. I'm a little long winded, but here's what you really care about, just a few this time around:

He absolutely LOVED the "Easter Bunny"
Wasn't sacred at all!
And, he makes a pretty cute one himself!
Don't hate him because he's beautiful.
Just chillin' out.


Becky said...

A lesson I have to learn over and over and over again... Leave future worries for the future because usually by the time you get there you realize there was nothing to be worried about! Like the one where I thought I was infertile for years! I will never get that time back... Oh and the secret to having your kid know the alphabet is let him watch TV, more specifically Preschool Prep Co DVD's, it's like crack and within a few views they have it! That is how Colin learned to 'read' sight words.

Kristeen said...

The bedtime bottle was WAY harder for us to give up than for Carter. I loved that quiet, snuggly time!

And I'm constantly comparing Carter to other kids -- I think you're right, it's our nature. I bet 10 years (or less) from now, we'll all be laughing at the little things we were worried about. We worry a lot that Carter doesn't really talk, but everyone reminds me that soon enough we'll be wishing he hadn't learned... :)