Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Star Game

A few years back, Stephanie and I were riding together in a vehicle. And we started to notice how many people had those decorative stars hanging on there houses. We'd drive by a house and say "there's one!" "Oh my gosh, there another one!" "There's another star there too!" It wasn't long before we would just yell out "STAR!" at the top of our lungs every time we saw one. And a new game was born. We officially called the game Star Search, partly because you are searching for stars, partly because I think I'm funny and Star Search was the original American Idol/America's Got Talent show from years gone by when I was a kid, although, now-a-days most everyone just calls the game "the star game." The game spread quickly! We mentioned it to our friends and they loved it! Some of them even taking it all the way across the country to Alaska and also to Maine. Other friends sharing it with their friends and youth groups around the area. It got bigger than we ever thought it would. In fact, we had no intention of it becoming anything beyond a Rezsnyak family car game. It became so big that people would every now and then teach us the game! It was crazy!

I only mention this, not because I'm looking for the fame and fortune that is due me, that's for the birds, but because as of late there have been a few people, even those close to us, that have made allegations that we did not invent this game. You can call me a liar all you want, you'll be wrong, but I can deal BUT I will not sit idly by while anyone insinuates that my wife is a liar!

So be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Scott and Stephanie Rezsnyak together, certainly invented the Star Game.

Now, whether or not Dave Waite coined the phrase "gym-class hero"? I don't think that one will ever really be settled.

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GrandMOTHER said...

perhaps the motoring public have your Star game confused with the "Horse Game" .... tee hee