Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simple Pleasures...

A few days ago we decided to buy a bird feeder, something that I have wanted to do for some time now. Well, alas! I was so impatient about the whole thing I just plumb thought the whole thing went bust. Days were going by and no bird ever lighted on my bird-zebo, that I had seen anyway. To complicate matters I had to simply rest out feeder on the railing of our balcony, I had no other reasonable place to put it. I so desperately wanted to see some birds!

Yesterday or so I thought I started to notice that the seed was changing. I couldn't be sure, of course, but the little piles that were all over the place (stuff that I had spilled) seemed to be disappearing, or at least spreading out. Then today I noticed a little "gift" from a bird, a sure sign that a bird had been in the neighborhood!

Then nary a moment ago, I was at the sink for a second. I turned around and lo and behold! there was a blue jay at our feeder! I was excited. Not too excited, as to scare the bird. I finally had my long awaited guest feasting away!

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