Saturday, November 29, 2014

a (short) Christmas tree adventure

We, like many other people, ventured out to get a Christmas tree today! We went to Springside Farms in Fabius, which was a fine place to go. Not too crowded and reasonable prices for the SUPER short tree we knew we were going to get. (Side note: we put the tree on a table this year so that the babies don't get into it. Next year we'll go back to our regularly scheduled bigger tree.)

Aside from the normal shenanigans that come along with being a family of six trudging through the snow to cut down a tiny tree (HA!), there wasn't much to the adventure. But the "normal" shenanigans had me laughing the entire time!

heading to the "forest", 3 kids in the sled, 1 strapped in an Ergo carrier on me

Eliza, loving the whole idea of running through the snow and hiding behind trees

Our tree! I told you it was SUPER short!

Eliza, showing who really has control of the reigns in the family.


Scott was carrying the tree back to the shop, so I tried pulling the sled for a little bit. The picture below shows you how it worked out with having me pull it...

It didn't.

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