Thursday, April 24, 2014

Most of the time I feel like a schleppy mom.  I'm not creative, crafty, or fun. I don't take the kids on adventures. We watch way too much TV. We don't get enough physical activity. Nobody gets a bath seven days a week (including me). Our house is almost always a completely gross mess.

Well, something about today made me realize that none of that matters. I tried something different today. I tried not to get frustrated with the housework that wasn't getting done and I didn't sit around wishing I was a better mom. Instead I just enjoyed the company of my kids in whatever form it took and what I realized today is that, as cheesy as it sounds, all my kids seem to want from me is my time and my love.

We may not pile in the van for great adventures on a regular basis, but for us putting on rain boots and walking out to check the mail every day is full of adventure in Alexander and Eliza's minds.

Fun for us is spinning around the floor in an empty laundry basket, playing hockey with cans of tuna fish and seeing who can make the twins smile first.

Craft time comes in the form of Alexander painting my nails (see beauty shot below!) and Eliza coloring every piece of paper she can get her hands on.

 Our physical activity is jumping off the arm of the couch over and over and over and having dance parties any time there's a song on the TV show we're watching.

And even if there's no bath on a particular day, most days someone is at least covered with soapy water from "helping" to do the dishes.

Life in our tiny little house is crazy, messy, and loud, but there's a lot of laughter that happens here and a whole heck of a lot of love and I think that trumps calm, clean and quiet any day!

Alexander helping melt crayons for some wall art - just about the only actual crafty thing I've ever done

This pile of crayons gets picked up and dumped out at least 5 times every day, and the rain boots come on and off about the same number of times!

When she puts these glasses on, it seems like she thinks she's a different person. It's hysterical!

Shirtless and happy!

Lookin' out the window on a rainy day

Tummy time!
Alexander spends sweet time with each of the babies several times a day. He's the best.

Snack time

Post-bath snacks and show

Oh these little people...

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Amy said...

This is great. I love it :) It really is the little things that matter the most. <3