Saturday, November 13, 2010

doctor, doctor...

give me the news!

This is Stephanie again. And this post is NOT about Alexander. Weird, right? (His 14 month post is due to be published in just under a week, though)

I'm soliciting recommendations for a primary care doctor for myself. Scott has one. Alexander has one. I haven't had one since I was in high school and I don't want to go back to her.

If you like your doctor, I'd love to hear about it! Two things that are non-negotiable: I'm looking for a female doctor and she needs to be in the central New York area.

Bring on the opinions!

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Kim said...

I like my doctor a lot! Dr. Martha Aliwalas at CNY family care (

She takes the time to listen and she really cares about her patients (I've experienced it and heard it again and again). She's also willing to explore new options if you suggest something, though she proceeds cautiously and won't simply agree to anything just because.

She's part of a large practice and has a busy schedule. She listens, but you have to be on all the ball to make sure you've covered everything before she leaves the room (like most docs). If you have more to say she'll stay.

Referrals, lab work, phone calls etc tend to take some time as its a busy practice. But the few times I needed a quick response, I got one. And their large nursing and administrative staff is very organized (unlike my previous place where they lost my records, double charged someone...) So even though some things take time, it's done right!

They have a lab right at the practice too, so if you need bloodwork done, you can usually do it right there. She doesn't do gyn appointments, just GP stuff.

And remember, she really CARES about her patients!