Friday, September 24, 2010

12 months = 1 year = WOW!

This Sunday marked the big "1" for our baby boy! We had a party to celebrate and I unfortunately only have 1 picture to commemorate the occasion. There's a video of Alexander being sung to and being presented with his cupcake, but I can't get it from the camera to the computer, so...1 picture from the party will have to do.

First, the stats from his doctor's appointment yesterday:

height: 30.75 in (80th percentile)
head circumference: 47.5 cm (80th percentile)
weight: 20.8 lbs (20th percentile)

Doctor said he looks great and is very pleased with all aspects of growth, which makes mama and papa pleased, too!

He is such an incredible kid and we are so, so in love with him.

Onto the pics:
squeezing the life out of his carrot cupcake!

just laughing!

making sure the apples are good at Deer Run Farms with Nana

not the best quality picture, but a glimpse at his birthday morning pjs. Aren't they ridiculously cute?

Tooting a Corn Horn!

that's just corn on my face - no need to get grossed out (Uncle ANDY!)

I can yell just as loud as you can, Papa!

all bundled up for a walk

opening birthday presents from Nana & Gramps (No, they don't both have lazy eyes - they were looking above the camera at me while Scott took the picture!)

I had to take this just to show off this hysterical article of clothing. It turns out I have a thing for pajamas, I guess!

Hooray! Babies on the kitchen floor with pots and utensils - the best!

Oh, you know. Just thought I'd hang out here naked on the windowsill before bed...

We were having fun splashing around in water for a while when Alexander decided to try out the drinking style of a dog. It doesn't look like I have to worry about him lapping up the rest of meals...

Just a quick video of our boy doing his thing.

In other news - Alexander has his first 1st cousin! Aunt Lexi gave birth to Brayden Alexander Wednesday morning! Welcome to the world, Brayden! We love you already! (we'll post pictures after we get some!)

Thanks for sharing in the joys of our son!

Until next post...

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