Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 months!

Stephanie here!

Wow, it's been a really long time since we've done any sort of update on Alexander (who really cares about us anymore, right? wink, wink!)

Here's the scoop. As of his last appointment on March 30th (at 6 1/2 months old), his stats were:

head circumference: 44 1/4 cm
height: 26 1/4 in.
weight: 14.4 pounds...

A note on the weight - I was apparently, and completely unknowingly, starving him. With working part time, my nursing supply had diminished almost entirely, even with pumping at work. The doctor said he wasn't even in the 5th percentile! We have a weight check appointment on May 4th and there's no way this boy could pass for starving these days! We stopped nursing pretty much right after the last appointment and have been pumping him full of formula. I'm so thankful that he took to the formula so easily. It really helped me with the whole emotional aspect of giving up nursing to see him thriving, no matter where the food came from!

We've also been experimenting with "solid" food, so he's getting lots and lots of sustenance.

Here's what he's tried so far, and liked: *=REALLY liked!
sweet potatoes, butternut squash*, applesauce*, prune juice (mixed with rice cereal), bananas, carrots*,
frozen peaches and an apple in mesh sucker thing*

<--waiting patiently in his new travel eat-seat!

munching on an apple in the aforementioned "mesh sucker thing"-->

Here's what he's tried and 100% HATED:
green beans, and cat food (although the jar said it was beef in beef broth). We'll probably hold off on the meats until he can eat pieces and not puree. Sick.

This is a short video of the green beans incident. Warning: this involves a mother who thought it was funny to keep forcing vegetables into the mouth of her child that he obviously wanted to vomit right out!

A few fun facts:
-was dedicated this Sunday - thanks so much to everyone for their support and encouragement!
-loves to scream. Not a hurt or sad or mad scream, just a scream and Scott and I think it's hysterical.
-is able to stay sitting up on his own and has fun playing that way for long periods of time
-has been sleeping the through the night for several weeks now (6:30pm - 5am) and takes 2 major naps during the day!
-loves watching Scott and I brush our teeth. It stops any whining instantly.
-is a typical baby "techie" and is fascinated by cell phones and TV
-is turning into a totally unbelievably adorable little guy.

Man, we love this kid!

We love his sweet, fat feet.

We love his fashion sense.
and we just love EVERYTHING about him!!

FOR MORE PICTURES, follow the link below or copy and paste it into your address bar:


That page is updated frequently, so bookmark it or save it somehow to check back for new pictures!

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GrandMOTHER said...

I just cannot get over how CUTE he is!!! He is getting so much character now... he is his own little man!!! I LOVE his feet!!!

Love n hugs