Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Man's Best Friend

I posted a link recently on Facebook and made some comments in response to an article in which a little girl was attacked and hurt by a pit-bull that was owned by a friend. Most of, if not all, the comments I made are either exaggerations, or even contrary, to the way I actually feel about dogs. I knew that some of my friends would be upset by my off-the-cuff, reactionary remarks, but when my father said something to me, I knew I had to take some time to clear the air and let you know how I really feel about dogs.

Anyone that really knows me, and my wife can attest to this, knows that I'm actually a little bit of a dog lover. I especially love the fact that you can teach a dog to do just about anything in the world, most notably assist the blind and physically disabled. And in any argument over which is better, a dog or a cat? Well... cats are worthless. And that's something I'll never apologize for. And yes, Stephanie and I often talk about getting a dog once we have our own home, I've considered a herding breed, instead of a fence, to keep Alexander in the yard.

So I'm sorry if I have offended the dog person in you by the rash statements I made.

Many Apologies,

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MmBex said...

you know what else is worthless? Best friends that live 5000 miles away. Okay I take it back. Not worthless, just...really sad. We miss you guys :*(